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Brake & Tire Services in Wilmington, Delaware

Our auto repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, puts the brakes on car problems by providing brake and tire services, also including wheel alignments.

Brake Services

Stop by our shop when your brakes are squeaking, grinding or just don't feel quite right and we'll provide a quick diagnostic. At Newport Auto Center, we install all types of brakes and are often able to provide same-day replacements. Our technicians check the brake system thoroughly. Most importantly, we give you what is necessary to complete the brake job safely and properly. We do not try to over sell you the fluff that you don't really need.

Tire Services

The rubber really meets the road at our auto repair shop. We carry all types of tires, as well as major brands, at competitive prices. You'll find everything you need for your SUV, truck, or sedan, whether you need all-season, winter, or performance tires.  Stop by or call today with your tire size for a free estimate, we can match or beat any advertised price.
 In addition, we mount and balance tires whenever you buy them from us. Most of the time, we provide same-day services. Our team also offers tire repairs and full suspension services.

Wheel Alignment

We know how important alignments are for your car. Not only do they prolong the life of your tires and brakes, they make driving much smoother. You may have an alignment issue when you are experiencing your vehicle shaking at higher speeds, or when your vehicle veers to the left or right. Also, you may notice your steering wheel slightly off center to the right or left. Our technicians ensure that everything is properly aligned before you leave our shop.